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The American Robin nesting on a downspout in 2007. This pair kept their 4 eggs warm through early April's cold spell. Despite 2 attacks from a neighborhood cat (garden fencing on the porch prevented further feline forays), 2 young robins fledged on May 1st. The pair rebuilt on the downspout and laid 4 more eggs from May 11th-13th for their 2nd brood. The morning of May 26th saw Mama Robin fussing over the nest as Papa brought a single small worm for a new hatchling. Garden fencing around the porch columns kept predators out this time. The 4 nestlings fledged on June 7th + 8th. More below + on Page 5


Mr Hammer Jack-Of-All-Trades was created by Richard and Sheila Wieman.

Mr Hammer may be seen in person at Columbia Public Works on Lakeview Avenue


The Community Garden Coalition thrives in Columbia. As food + fuel prices soar, movements such as  Urban Gardening + the "Zero Mile Diet" are gaining in popularity. Community Gardening is much more than just gardening, too.

And a concerted effort by gardeners is trying to get  the President to join in!




At Right ---->

Mizzou's Memorial Union



This Blue Cactus, named Audrey, towers over its greenhouse as it blooms (yes, that's a bunch of flower buds, not a tree!) for the only time in her 60 year life. The Wilson Garden is home not only to Audrey, but several water features, a shade garden, a dry creek garden, various flower + veggie beds, greenhouse, plus 2 - 250 year-old Bur Oak trees.


Sculpture + other accents complete the scene

This year's tour will be on Sunday, June 27th, 2010.


This Bur Oak is a favorite Huntsdale landmark.



The Ruby Throated Hummingbird male, exhibiting his eponymous red gorget, and the white throated female enjoy perches bare of foliage between trips to their favorite flowers. See a map showing this Spring's migration.

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Mizzou's Memorial Union Arch in detail

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