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Guests at the 2009 MU NORML-SSDP Conference included Cliff Thornton, founder of Efficacy, and Mason Tvert, Executive Director of SAFER Choice, both pictured above from previous conferences, as well as many other guests. Topics included "Industrial Hemp in Missouri: From Building to Biodiesel," Medical Cannabis, how "Prohibition Causes Crime," and much, much more!

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More from the 2nd Annual Roots-N-Blues-N-BBQ Festival in October.



Buddy Guy


Which may be returning this autumn...


Friday, February 20th

Arts and Science Building, MU Campus

 5:30-6:00         Welcome and Introduction

- Evan Groll, Sean Randall and Scott Lauher, MU NORML/SSDP; A&S Auditorium

 6:00-6:50         Elevator Arguments - Concise, targeted, and compelling conversation

- Pete Guither,; A&S Auditorium

 7:00-8:00         Keynote Address: "Prohibition Causes Crime – Drugs and crime, explanation of cause and effect"

- Cliff Thornton, Founder of Efficacy; A&S Auditorium

 8:30     Dinner @ Shakespeare’s

- Come join us for pizza at this Columbia landmark located at 9th and Elm, just north of campus. 

 9:30     NORML/SSDP Benefit Concert

- Come jam and support drug policy reform by coming to see a special acoustic set by The Schwag w/ supporting guests ZAP @ The Blue Fugue (120 S 9th St)

Saturday, February 21st

Arts and Science Building, MU Campus

 9:00     Coffee and Bagels

 10:00-10:45     The State of Marijuana Laws in MO

- Dan Viets, Esq., MO ACLU & NORML Board of Directors; A&S Auditorium

 11:00-12:00     Breakout Sessions

- Session A: Campus Change Campaigns: Evan Groll, MU SSDP; Kyle Maddy, MSSU SSDP; Darrell Sour, SSDP National Board of Directors; A&S Auditorium

- Session B:  Industrial Hemp in Missouri: From Building to Biodiesel - Ryan Denham, Fayetteville NORML; Terri Zeman, GStL NORML; A&S RM 201

 12:00-1:00       Lunch (on your own) 

 1:00-1:45         Breakout Sessions

- Session A: Real People, Real Stories: Medical Marijuana Patients in Missouri - Mark Pedersen, GStL NORML; Todd Walk, Columbia, MO;  Mayor Joe Blundell, Cliff Village, MO; Christy Welliver, MO MS Institute; A&S Auditorium

- Session B: History of Marijuana Prohibition – Dr. John Galliher, Criminology MU, MU NORML faculty advisor; A&S Room 201

 2:00-2:45         Breakout Sessions

- Session A:  The Initiative Process: A Step Ahead of Our Government- Dan Viets, MO NORML; Mason Tvert, SAFER; Ryan Denham, AR NORML; Kelly Maddy, Joplin NORML; A&S Room 200

- Session B: Drug War Tragedies: Victims in the war on drugs – Diana Webb, Lawyer; Clifford Thornton, Founder of Efficacy; A&S RM 202

 3:00-3:45         Breakout Sessions

- Session A: Drugs and Religion – Dr. Daniel Cohen, Religious Studies, MU Faculty Advisor; A&S RM 201

- Session B: The Economic Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana- Fredric Raines, Prof. Emeritus Washington University -  Economics; A&S Auditorium

 4:00-4:30         Ex-Drug Cop Calls for Legalization!

- Travis Noble, Attorney and 10 year law enforcement veteran talks about ending drug prohibition.

 4:30-5:00         Breakout Sessions

- Session A: Medical Marijuana in MO: Ending the War on Patients - Christy Welliver, Missouri MS Institute; Joe Blundell, Mayor of Cliff Village, MO; A&S Auditorium

- Session B: Plan Colombia: America's Other War - Adam Saunders, MU Faculty; A&S RM 201

 5:00-6:00         Framing the Issue: Making the Media Take Notice of the Movement 

- Mason Tvert, Exec. Director of SAFER; A&S Auditorium

6:00-7:00         Keynote Address: "The Future of Marijuana Law Reform – Prospects for “Change” in the Obama Administration"

- Allen St. Pierre, Exec. Director of NORML; A&S Auditorium

 8:00---->.... Dinner @ The Grand Cru

- $10 cover to join us at one of Columbia’s premier dining establishments.  (Dinner is not included in $10 cover, guests will order from the menu if eating)


To find out about current legislative action, contacting representatives, and more, go to The Missouri General Assembly or the legislators in your state.


Jesse James and Friends
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Live at 9th Street Deli


Live at 9th Street Deli

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